View Full Version : P2 300 enough juice for G400?

25th June 1999, 20:51
Is a P2 300 enough processor speed for the 16 or 32 Meg version of the G400? Not the MAX.

25th June 1999, 22:59
I'm hoping so - I have a P2-300 (non celeron) and am hanging out for some reliable reviews/benchmarks on p2-300 system with a G400 (non-max) to appear *somewhere* on the web...

Can anybody do a user-review on a p2-300? All I want as some indication is Quake2 numbers... As long as I'm getting around 30fps then i'll be happy...

Hopefully a P2-300 will cut it.

Doesn't really answer your question does it? =)

Scythe - still putting along with his Voodoo1.

26th June 1999, 03:01
That's not putting around...I have a PII-266 w/ an STB Velocity 3D (S3 Virge = slug = 17FPS in Q2 at 512x384).

26th June 1999, 04:27
With those CPUs, and the tremendous scalablity of the G400, you might consider (dare I say it) overclocking to get more juice. Just another option.


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27th June 1999, 22:29
Well i took your advice (actually just put the idea back into my head...) and played around overclocking my comp this arvo.

Since i've got one of the older .35 micron P2-300 CPU's, the furthest i would be able to go is 350mhz... anyway, tried increasing the clock multiplier from 4.5 -> 5 (300 -> 333) and didn't seem to like it - booted at 200mhz...

So tried increasing bus speed from 66mhz to 75mhz (i have an LX motherboard) and booted at 338mhz!! :-))

Been running nicely since, I'm going to see how stable (and cool) it runs over the next few days...

Bonus is the whole system runs faster because of the bus speed increase...

Now all I need is that G400... bring it on. :-)


2nd July 1999, 23:05

I have done the same with mine, I have a P2-333 at 375(75Mhz) or 416(83Mhz) but we have to remember that the AGP Port is ALSO going to be overclocked.

I asked Ant to check this out but I dont think he has had time.

Also LX chipset's seem to be struggling with some next gen cards (V3/TNT2)and AGP x2 in some cases (Asus and Abit jump to mind). So I am worried my little Abit LX6 will have to be soldered http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif, although it seems its only 1 wire from the Voltage Regulator to the 3.3v on the ATX PSU connector.

This is all hoping the G400 does not bottle at 75 or 83Mhz AGP speed.. ANT!!!??


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