View Full Version : I am loving the new PD4 for NT!

1st July 1999, 16:57
Awesome! I don't have numerical comparisons, but I am writing this while I am rendering a 400 frame demo .MAX in 3DStudio Max 2.5. It is taking about 1 second per frame in the "Forefront" and about 2 seconds when in the "Background" This is great. Gotta get back to do some 3DS again now that I have an ICD!!!

P.S. I used to use the HEIDI driver with my MILL II 4MB card.

Now if I could just figure out how to make Half-Life use the ICD instead of the VooDoo II 3DFX driver.

1st July 1999, 17:04
Good to hear some good feedback, after last nights bad drivers http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

To change HL, go into the game, configuration, video, video modes. On the left of the screen is a window that should say 3dfx miniGL. Change that to "default"

1st July 1999, 18:38
You will find that the rendering app performance in NT with the ICD varies from 50% to 225% above the MCD.

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1st July 1999, 20:52
I too am seeing a great improvement in max, particularly when using nurbs and aligning texture maps in viewports.

If the G400Max has a 2x improvement that would be cool http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

2nd July 1999, 01:23
I haven't tried Max yet. But I have A|W Maya, and the ICD works pretty well with it. Renders are at least 100% faster. Visualization of textured objects is MUCH faster as well. Quake 2 works pretty well and is very playable. It's too bad that it took 9 months to get it.

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2nd July 1999, 03:19
What service pack are you running with NT4? Will PD4 run using SP3?
thanks, Bob

2nd July 1999, 03:39

I am using SP4. I don't know if PD4 specifically requires SP4 or later. The readme.txt in the driver release doesn't specifically mention a SP.

I have the Marvel, and the Beta Matrox Video Tools require SP4 or above. That is the only reason I am not running SP3.

2nd July 1999, 11:00
SP5 is doing fine on the systems that I have installed it on. I guess its a Microsoft type of thing.........

2nd July 1999, 16:14
I have the new PD drivers running NT SP3 just fine.

The WinAMP Prince OpenGL plugins finally run sychronized with the music, cept a couple of them lockup with Dr. Watson errors now. (oops)

SP3 for NT was the last stable Service Pack MS put out. SP4/SP5 have been nightmares on every machine I've put em on..