View Full Version : G400MAX Release Date Update- sort of

2nd July 1999, 03:25
Well, I don't know what to make of this, but I called Matrox sales and spoke to someone about the G400MAX release date, and they said mid-August. I then called back and spoke to a different sales person, and they told me mid-July. I then called a third time and spoke to a third sales person, and they told me late July. So it appears some or all of the sales force have their heads up their asses.

2nd July 1999, 09:56
hey did any one check out the q3 test story.

i bet if i modifyed q3 to display only a black screen and stick figures i could get 2000 fps ya man !! now that would really be ugly mode.

2nd July 1999, 10:16
hmmm...I dont think your Quake story has anything to do with the Topic. Did I miss something?