View Full Version : I just called Matrox about MY order and this is what they had to say...

2nd July 1999, 05:16
They told me the 9/9/1999 ship date was for channels and retail chains and that the folks who ordered there cards on or before June 11th should still get there cards soon and folks that ordered there cards up until last sunday(that would be me) would get there cards by the end of July. I don't know about folks who ordered there cards after Sunday because I don't know anyone who has done this.

I also asked about pre-charging your credit card and she said they definitely pre-charge the card even before shipping them.

She said I could get a full refund anytime I wanted on the order so there is no reason for me to cancel for now because if the card does not come in by the end of July then I will just cancel then and buy something else.

All of this info is inline with what they previously told me when I called them on the day I ordered. My advice is if you REALLY want a max sooner than 9/9/1999 then you should probably order from the store. Hope this clears up a lot of issues. Don't forget that they don't guarantee any of this info.


2nd July 1999, 07:23
That really sucks. I was really hoping they would pull it off by the 7th of this month. They probably told us that it would be out in middle of June just to keep us interested in the card. I've been waiting ever since and now they say its gonna be out in 9/9? If I knew that this was gonna happen, I would've pre-ordered too but now it is too late. I will wait till the 7th to see if it will be out in places like buynow...maybe wait even till the end of this month. If it really is going to be out on 9/9, I will just get a Hercules TNT2 Ultra. I really want a MAX, but to wait till that time is crazy. Matrox is already behind everyone else in getting their card out. Now they are even going to be more behind. If you called Matrox, I guess it is highly unlikely that it is a rumor.

2nd July 1999, 08:09
Most of the retailers have now updated their stock status to reflect the latest news and what Dave said. I checked Buy Now and Multiwave and both list July 15 for the standard and September 9 for the MAX.

I sure do hope they can meet the earlier dates for those who preordered...