View Full Version : NT OpenGL performance

2nd July 1999, 03:37
It's nice to have OpenGL under NT now but unfortunately, the performance and quality stinks. When I enable OpenGL under 3DSMax 2.5, it works but it's horridly slow and polygons are missing. Some objects don't show at all. When I switch back to Heidi (Software MP) my previews are smooth and I can see all of the objects. It's noticeably quicker. I have dual PII-450s providing the power to the software driver for the previews. I was hoping the Matrox driver would have similar performance.

Another thing is that the rendering isn't perfect. When I run the popular VoodooLights screensaver in OGL mode, the graphics are all funky. It looks almost ok but the stars are rendered strangely or not at all. Most other cards I've seen render this fine. This includes 3dfx cards, i740s, and TNT family cards.