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1st July 1999, 18:25
I have installed the PD4 with the OGL ICD to my work computer (P2/350/G200) which has NT4 Server english version, SP5 and DX5. When running any OGL app, following error message appears:

wglinfo: software.exe - DLL Initialization Failed

Initialization of the dynamic link library C:\WINNT\System32\G200ICD.DLL failed.
The process is terminating abnormally.

Yes, the g200icd.dll is in place and is opengl32.dll and glu32.dll. If someone in Matrox or BB-team has any ideas where to start resolving this problem, I'd appreciate them.


1st July 1999, 18:34

If you have installed the bootleg DX5 drivers in NT4, the OpenGl for the G200 NT ICD will booger up and not run right.

You must have the legitimate SP3/SP4 DX3 drivers installed properly.

I am one of the secret BB crew for the G200 NT OpenGL ICD.

Paul Luntsford, LC
PLA Designs, Inc. Theatre and Lighting Consultants
NT4, AOpenAX6BC, P3-500, 100MHzFSB,256MB SDRAM(PC100),MillG200AGP/16MB SGRAM

1st July 1999, 19:31
Replaced the bootleg DX5 drivers with SP5 DX3 and it just worked. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Big thanks LightHeaded.

It seems that dynamic lights in GLQuake/GLQWCL DO WORK in NT OGL. So it seems it's only W9x OGL specific problem. And Quake-busy icon seems to draw to top of the desktop like the ICDb2. Hmm..


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