View Full Version : Screen wobbles with 5.13

1st July 1999, 19:15
Having flashed the BIOS to 2.3-11 and installed 5.13 (after completely removing 4.51 in safe mode) I get some strangeness...

If I insert a zip disk whilst browsing the net the screen (IE5) looks like it's trying to go smaller than it's current 1024x768 and slightly reduces before stretching back to full size.

Any ideas???

1st July 1999, 19:19
actually, I've just noticed that what's actually happening is that the browser shows a border as the there is disk activity and then it flickers back to having no border?

(I also got a 'jerking' in HL after upgrading, looked like a earthquake! - and it wasn't meant to be one BTW http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif )