View Full Version : AGP 1x or 2x, does it make a differance?

30th June 1999, 14:22
I have a G200 Mystique and was running drivers version 426 and the program PCILIST
reported my AGP as 2X. Upgraded to driver
433c and the program reported my AGP as 1x.
Went back to 426 and it went back to 2X. Cannot see any differnce between 1x and 2x,
should I worry about it


30th June 1999, 14:29

Never has so much been made of a "problem" that causes so little damage ;-))

Dr. Mordrid

30th June 1999, 14:31
Upgrade to 5.13 and see what happens http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Either way, 1x or 2x doesn't make a difference in most real world stuff, unless maybe you are into 3D modeling...but it makes the benchmarkers like 3DMark99 give better results in large texture tests http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

30th June 1999, 23:59
Is it tru that AGP 1x is an AGP speed of 66MHZ and 2x is an AGP speed of 133MHZ? If this is the case, and I am interested in running at 2x, would I set my AGP multiplier at 1:1 at a 133MHZ FSB?


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1st July 1999, 00:20
gecoffin: Not a big difference, but always better to have x http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

neo: Wrong! The AGP always runs at 66 MHz, just the data transfer method changes. Go to my website for more details.

1st July 1999, 00:30

No, don't do that!
AFAIK, the AGP bus runs at 66 MHz and AGP 2x simply means that twice as much data is sent in one AGP clock cycle, but the AGP clock frequency is the same.

Right now you are probably already overclocking the AGP bus by 33% at 89 MHz. Setting the AGP clock with a 1:1 divider (instead of a 2:3 divider) to 133 MHz means an additional overclocking factor of 1.5, which is probably not very healthy for your hardware.

1st July 1999, 12:07
Tried 5.13, still reports AGP1X only,
bad news unable to remove 5.13 until matrox
writes a program to do so.