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30th June 1999, 17:26
I just noticed that PD5 5.13 did not install any items on the Start menu. More importantly, I can't find any uninstall for PD5 listed in Add/Remove programs. Perhaps an updated PD5 can be installed over top of the existing drivers, and provide for an uninstall? Maybe a fix for the NT install issue could be thrown in as well. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif I still like the drivers.

30th June 1999, 17:29
Hi enKoDed,

I posted the NT fix on the other thread.

For the uninstall, MS does not want any uninstallers incorporated in the drivers anymore. We will be releasing an uninstaller as a separate utility shortly.


30th June 1999, 17:38
Thanks for the fast response Haig. The separate uninstall utility actually sounds like a neat idea. What would really be cool is if it had the capability to do an even more thorough removal of Power Desk and it's attendant drivers than the previous versions did. The Matrox uninstall FAQ is not hard to follow though. Anyway, you have provided solutions to both my questions. Thanks

Steven Snyder
30th June 1999, 17:49
I was just about to ask about the same thing.

On my Win98 SE system, I: 1) uninstalled the PD v4.33 frivers from the Start menu, 2) switched to VGA video, 3) rebooted into Safe mode and removed all MGA*.* files, 4) booted back into Win98 and installed the PD v5.13 drivers.

I am able to configure my G200 with the new drivers. Works great. The icon is in my system tray and the files in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM are of recent vintage. It seems that the drivers installed correctly.

a. There is no Matrox folder in my Start menu.
b. There is no entry for the Matrox drivers in "Add/Remove Programs"
c. I can't find any Matrox subdirectories on my hard disk.

Is this the way the v5.x drivers are supposed to install? If one wants to remove the drivers (for whatever reason) how is it done?

Thank you.

30th June 1999, 18:15
Hi Steven. Yes, the way that PD5 installed on your system seems to be by design, and my system shows the same results as yours. It's getting late, so that may be why you missed the last line in Haig's response, as he mentioned that there will be a separate uninstall utility available soon that will allow us to uninstall PD5 when necessary.

30th June 1999, 22:12
This uninstall utility is a lovely util - it will not only uninstal PD5, but all remnants of older PDs etc etc on your system. So, hurry up Haigy! Release it! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

It's Only A Graphics Card!
(But a damn good 'un!)

1st July 1999, 06:10
Not only does an ICD NOT over-write opengl32.dll, many times the ICD will call opengl32.dll functions that it can not hardware accelerate or that the ICD coud not do more efficiently.

1st July 1999, 06:15
From what I can gather using information from an install monitoring utility that I engaged before installing PD5, the default Windows opengl32.dll is not replaced. Instead, PD5 installs a file named G200ICD.DLL, and points the OS to the ICD through this registry key;
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\OpenGLDrivers G200ICD=G200ICD.DLL

1st July 1999, 07:18
Of coarse that way if you do an uninstall of PD 5 you will have Opengl32.dll to go back to http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

pretty smart http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif


1st July 1999, 12:30
Yes. Quite http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

1st July 1999, 17:51
I'm assuming that ALLOT of people are waiting for this un-install util before messing with the new drivers.

I understand all the instructions on uninstalling the older powerdesk just fine. Installing the PD5 won't be too hard for even less technically inclined users. (I'm not talking about Compaq users on AOL who think the IMac is "kEwl" kinda people here http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif)

One thing that's strange is that I thought that when you installed an ICD it overwrites the opengl32.dll that is installed with Win98. So, how can an uninstaller restore this. Will it ask you to put in the original Win98 CD so that it can restore opengl32.dll?