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30th June 1999, 20:46
After finally managing to disable vsync, a little tricky that one, my directX scores are back to what they were - practically identical to my 4.51 scores, and beleive me they are good!

More importantly, the ICD is definitely better than the beta2 on all counts.
Not only are the scores in Tirtanium and Intergraph 3D ExerCizer clearly improved, but all the artifacts that plagued the beta2 seem to have vanished. Really good.

P.S. To disable vsync go to
and add string value "FlipOnVblank" and set to "0". D.S.


30th June 1999, 21:27
Not all artifacts have vanished. I went home during lunchhour to test the PD5 on my Celeron 333 with G200 and quick tested the following titles: GLQWCL, Quake 2 and StarSiege: Tribes.

The results..
GLQWCL: Got faster with PD5 (ran timedemo overkill.qwd) , but activating dynamic lights (r_dynamic 1, gl_flashblend 0) still gave RAINBOW COLORED TEXTURES! Well, it seems nobody tested GLQWCL.. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif ICDb1 didn't have rainbows..

Quake 2: Ran massive1.dm2 and crusher.dm2 thru with timedemo. Q2 own demos and Massive1 ran smooth without trouble, but with Crusher I got console text corruption few seconds. Nice green looking scrambled obits.

Tribes: Ran some demos I had recorded when playing in Censored Public and still got white/gray/brown checkered textures, HUD corruption and white pixels leaking thru borders of textures. Also crashed Tribes after running few demos. Maybe these are problems of Tribes' OGL but 1.6 patch is due soon and we'll see where the problem really is.

Well, here's my rant for today. I didn't have to climb onto walls. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif


William Gates III
1st July 1999, 10:57
Mr. Rubank,

you´re right about the vsync thing, but you should have pointed out that it is essential not to have any blankspaces between the words, in the PD4 registry settings there were blanks.

Well, now it works for me too, and all is truly well.