View Full Version : Good news for G400max Pre-orders!!!

30th June 1999, 13:15
I got this e-mail from Matrox today....
Hello Mr.Semenoff

We just received an update today from our production facilities. We have a
large batch of
G400 MAX that have just entered the testing phase of production. These
boards have been designated to our Online Customers who have placed their
order prior to June 11.

We should be ready to begin shipping our pre-orders for the G400 MAX the
week of July 5.
We understand our customers are very anxious to receive their
top-performance graphics card and will do what we can to get your order to
you A.S.A.P.


Customer Service Representative

All I can say is WOOHOOO!!!!!!

30th June 1999, 15:06
This is good news. I hope the folks(like me) who ordered the Max after June 11th will also get a nice suprise http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif


30th June 1999, 21:47

didn't they offer you a rebate?

30th June 1999, 22:54
again with the rebate thing LOL

I spend way too much time and money on my 3 systems, and I can't spell worth a dam either :o


1st July 1999, 08:48
Nope, No offer of a rebate. I wonder if they would just credit my credit card....

1st July 1999, 10:39

This time the rebate might be real. Goto the news page. Ant find a quote and it said Matrox is offering the people who order before June 11 a 10% rebate! Whew... may be I should order earlier... ;p