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30th June 1999, 23:50
4.26 is the last driver that worked for me. Everything after that yields a BSOD every time I start Laplink for Win9x. Ver. 7.5, stating "An exception OD has occurred at 0028:C0002942 in VXD VMM(01)+ 00001942. This was called from 0028:C003A6FA in XD VTDAPI(01)+" Since I can't do without Laplink, I'm up the creek. Turning off hardware acceleration in the Win Control Panal solves the problem. I began reporting this to Matrox with 4.50 beta 1. Does anyone have any idea what this is or how to fix it?

1st July 1999, 09:40
I found out what was causing my BSOD, it was right after I reinstalled my Virtual Drive (creates a virtual cdrom drive), I don't know what laplink does but maybe something similar.
Well I uninstalled my virtual drive and like magic no more BSOD, but like busterbrown, I need this software, not only that but PD5 freezes on every restart/shutdown and I hate running scandisk everytime with a 8 gig drive. I think I'm back to the 4.51, maybe even the 4.33c.

Not very happy with PD5.13 http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif

1st July 1999, 16:31
I get a simiialr BSOD but I get an OE exception at what looks like the exact same VXD. I never got such a message with PD4.51 and I followed uninstallation/installation intructions meticulously. I don't have Laplink though, it happened after I tried to restart my computer; first I got a freeze, then I reset, scan disk ran and everything was fine. I tried restarting again, same freeze, scan disk again, then the OE exception. I tried restarting several times after that, and kept getting the BSOD. Had to start in safe mode, switched to standard vga driver, then I restarted with no problems.
Then I reinstalled PD5, it restarted without a hitch, I tried shutting down again, no freeze, then BSOD at start up.

As you can imagine this took up quite a lot of time, I'd appreciate any help...
(BTW D3D, and Quake 2 work fine with PD5 in my machine.)

AMD k6-2 350
Millienium G200 AGP 8M
40X CD-ROM drive
8.4G Maxtor HD
56k Rockwell
17" monitor(1280x1024, 75Hz)