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1st July 1999, 02:40
Hello, can someone do me a gigantic favour and try the new ICD in Quake 1? As with the beta 2, I am getting wierd psychedelic colors on some of the textures. I need to know if it's an OGL bug or if it's my system. Thank you,

1st July 1999, 02:54
Mine does that too.
I think it has something to do with dynamic lighting. I used to have a voodoo I and have many GL_ settings in my .cfg files maybe one or more of them is the cause.
I can't get GLQWCL to work at all.
Any ideas Haig or BBZ?
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1st July 1999, 05:45
Dynamic lighting in GLQuake/GLQWCL doesn't work with ICDb2 or PD5. It was working with ICDb1 but something got screwed with ICDb2 and is still screwed with PD5. It seems no one in BB-team or Matrox has GLQuake, so it hasn't been fixed either. I only hope that some new gametitles will too give this error so it could be fixed. In worst case, this bug only is noticeable in GLQuake and other games do something different with lighting and it just slows them up without rainbows.

To get the those lovely rainbows off GLQuake/GLQWCL, toggle console and write r_dynamic 0.

-Tumu, still waiting for ICD that will do GLQuake's dynamic lights.

1st July 1999, 08:01
Great. Awesome FULL ICD, doesn't support a feature that beta 1 did. For future beta testing matrox, just because it works in Quake II doesn't mean it's perfect or even complete. Open your horizons.