View Full Version : Green line on black screen, then freeze...

1st July 1999, 03:33
Hi all,

It happen when I try to play D3d games. When a game start and try to switch resolution, colour depth, and to 3d mode, the screen will go black. Stay black for a couple seconds, then a horizontal green line will appear about one inches from the top of the monitor. It happened about 3 or 4 times out of every 10 start. Anybody have any idea?

Here are my system specs:
Mill G200 8MB(no OC)
P2 300(3x100)
Abit BX mobo.
128 MB PC-100
PD5.13!!! (Yeah!!!)

P.S. This rarely if not never happened on OGL games.

P.P.S. Quake2 demo1 640x480 fps 31.5 --> 39.1!! 25% increase!! Matrox did a good job this time. I am looking forward to get a G400.