View Full Version : Strange icon problem with PD5 (I think)!

30th June 1999, 23:03

After having installed PD5 my icons move on top of each other when I switch from a Full screen app. like q3test or when I restart/reboot windows. Sofar I have only observed it with icons that have the same name. For example a zip file and it's extracted folder with the same name. The two files will "move" visually when the desktop updates itself to be on top of each other.

Faulty drivers or a case of love between icons???



Celeron 266@400, Abit BH6 bios ver. LH, 192MB Samsung GL PC-100, G200 Mill. 8MB SGRAM AGP, 17" Hitachi MVX Value (CM-1786). Quantum 6.4 GB HDD, Plextor 40X SCSI Cd-ROM, Matshita (Panasonic) CD-R CW-7502 SCSI burner.

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