View Full Version : matrox tv out a good idea?

30th June 1999, 16:35
i've finally seen a price for this thing, although i've never seen it anywhere. i'm sure there's been threads about this, but i just want to be sure that i have it right...

best showable res is 800x600 and even then it looks so-so?

please lemme know if you know 8)

Markus Selchow
30th June 1999, 21:46
Hi Scotty,

I had the MystiqueG200 with the built-in TV out ...

Using the Y/C (S-VHS / Hi8) connector gave me the best picture I've ever seen from a computer. Even the text below the icons was still readable !

Brilliant colors & contrast !


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30th June 1999, 22:23
800x600 looks like best TV out resolution for Matrox MAVEN chip and software. 768x576 for PAL would be much better if they supported it...