View Full Version : Why aren't the new PD files on the Mystique G200 page?

30th June 1999, 15:46
Do the new drivers work with the Mystique G200 or just the Millenium?

30th June 1999, 16:06
They will work with the Mystique as well.

30th June 1999, 16:32
I have a MillG200 and a RRG200 and they do not work. When you start the Matrox PC-VCR Remote it tells you that it does not support a 4 bit palette.

Go figure

30th June 1999, 17:39
I can second Kruzin's reply that they will work with a Mystique. Just installed on my machine with a Mstique G200 16MB and they do work. Found a few minor quirks with the Desktop Schemes portion of PD but other than that, works fine so far.

PII 300 @ 338MHz (sometimes), ABit LX6, 192 MB, Mystique G200 16MB, SB64PCI (well Ensonique really), WD 6.4GB & 1GB, piddily little 28.8 USR Sportster (soon to be replaced by ISDN with USB)