View Full Version : Marvel G200 and Dual Monitors

Bradley Batt
25th June 1999, 03:09
Has anyone here gotten the Marvel to work with two monitors? More specifically have you gotten the *video capturing, etc.* to work with dual monitors?

I have a Dell XPT 500 with 16MB Viper AGP card and I installed the Marvel yesterday. Getting both monitors to come up and work was pretty much flawless. BUT, the Avid Cinema program doesn't want to work correctly (says that it can't find a .dll file that is there when you check the directory). I went to Matrox's web site and it says that video editing is not supported in multi-monitor mode (yeah - I know, should have read that before buying!)...

Anyway, I just want to know if anyone has a setup with the G200TV working with two monitors... Please let me know! Any tips or tricks would be appreciated too!

Thanks in advance,

Markus Selchow
25th June 1999, 03:34
Hi Brad,

no clue, but you should go two doors further ... to the desktop video forum ...

those guys are way more into those kind of topics http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif


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