View Full Version : forget the tech crap wheres the proof

21st June 1999, 18:49
I've seen a few discussions on whats best but nothing compairing the different bump mapping techniques i.e actual visual shots. Has anyone got various shots of the different techniques in action.

21st June 1999, 22:23
Screenshots, I promise, do not do this effect justice. You REALLY need to see it in action - so a bunch of stills from any number of manufacturers are only going to give you a very very rough idea of how the effect is manifested. I've seen the tech demo, seen Slave Zero and a few other things - it's awesome...

I know this doesn't answer your 'which is better' query but it may help if people can produce animated bump mapping examples rather than stills.

I'll see if I can get a Rainbow Runner captured G400 bump map animation reduced in size enough to stick on my site... We've tried this before and they end up either too ugly or too big.... time to play again!

Phil (MURC's G200 : WWW.G200.COM)

Markus Selchow
21st June 1999, 22:31
True word, Phil !


why don't you try to find a dealer which has setup a couple of machines so that you could have a look for yourself ?
I'm pretty sure that as soon as the dealers have the G400 they will build up system just to show off this nice piece of hardware ...

Just wait 'til it's on the streets ... and I'm not talking about OEM versions, 'cos those seem to be sort of crippled compared to the regular versions.


Not too slow running Asus, Intel & Matrox based system ...
Actually boosted by the Millenium G400 32MB SGRAM DualHead 8-)