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18th June 1999, 17:23

After installing Win 98 SE, I get lockups in IE 5. I get two dotted stripes on screen that run across the top of the screen from left to right in a slight curve. Then everything locks up completely. I'm using 4.51 drivers newest bios etc. It only happens at certain cites, www.abit.com.tw for example. Could it be a problem with the specific code on the page, I mean a bug in the explorer or is it video related??



Celeron 266@400, Abit BH6 bios ver. JJ, 192MB Samsung GL PC-100, G200 Mill. 8MB SGRAM AGP, 17" Hitachi MVX Value (CM-1786). Quantum 6.4 GB HDD, Plextor 40X SCSI Cd-ROM, Matshita (Panasonic) CD-R CW-7502 SCSI burner.

that guy
18th June 1999, 18:02
All I can tell you is that I went to that site and was unable to reproduce the problem. I'm running a similar setup as far as driver/bios rev goes.

19th June 1999, 11:44
Check your bios to see if there is any reference to write combining,write allocation etc.If so disable them and try accessing the websites again.No promises,but worth a try.

19th June 1999, 12:33
Hi there.

This may seem nonsense, but try to run your cpu at the default speed and see if the problem still happens.

Since I was running my 300A at 400 2.1v stable with windows 98 for about six months, and then installed linux and I started to get all sort of errors (300 Mhz or 450 2.2v was fine), I will never again be surprised if strange errors occur in a *stable* overclocked system - specially when upgrading the OS or installing new software.

Its a long shot, probably youve tried it, probably it will still do the same (Ive got my share of 4.51 bugs), but its just my 2 cts.

19th June 1999, 16:16
Well, I got the same crash, lines all over the screen, and I have seen this on other sites to so this is one more to add to the list. This is not an IE5 problem, I think it is driver problem with the G200 hopefully it will be fixed in the 5.xx driver. I know people with TNT and they dont have this problem. (The beta testers could test this)

19th June 1999, 16:29
I don't think any of the testers have WinSE. I have all the 98 service paks and IE5, and have not seen the problem (but I didn't see it with 4.51 either)...

19th June 1999, 22:36
Thanks guys!

At least it good to see that I'm not the only person with this problem. If anyone comes up with a solve, PLEASE post it here.



P.S. I have tried running un-OC'ed, did'nt help...

19th June 1999, 22:37
Ups! douple post!

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21st June 1999, 15:00
I don't have WinSE, and if I pull the hardeware acceleration down 2 steps every thing works fine on thes sites. I use 4.51 bios 2.3

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21st June 1999, 15:40
I had to switch from Powerdesk 3.51 to 3.33 after installing Win98 SE. Funny thing, 3.51 would work fine from my IDE drive, but not from my favorite Quantum Viking 2 SCSI drive.

21st June 1999, 21:35
I know it's not an answer, but you could try installing the latest version of the Micro$haft WHQL certified Matrox drivers (not yet up to 4.51). If it still does it with that then either MS want shooting (as they certified the drivers) or the problem is not Matrox specific.

21st June 1999, 21:42
I def. think it's a driverrelated prop. I run Win98 build 1998 DK-version on a MarvelG200. Three times I've experienced everything locking up completely with a green line (two pixels wide) straight across the top of the screen. However, it was not while surfing the net, it was when capturing from my VCR.