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24th March 2001, 20:59
So, I've been bored with my computer, and realized that I haven't played a good RPG in a while. The Final Fantasy series, Arcana, Dragon Warror, etc.

What should I play? And where can I find it?

25th March 2001, 01:27
Have you tried Baldus Gate ? www.baldursgate.com (http://www.baldursgate.com)

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25th March 2001, 10:30
Yeah, the Baldur's Gate series is quite good. The battle enging is quite differant from tradtional RPGs so it takes some getting used to however.

25th March 2001, 11:35
I recomend starting with Baldurs Gate 1 and Tales of the swords coast! That way you will enjoy Baldurs Gate 2 more!

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According to the latest official figures, 43% of all statistics are totally worthless..


25th March 2001, 12:26
How bout Final Fantasy 8? The cut scenes make this game special. And they're higher res than on the PSX versions.

And the gameplay itself aint' bad, good story.

25th March 2001, 19:06
It depends on what kind of RPG's you like. I love a lot of RPG's but Baulder's Gate never caught my interest (Nor anything that's like D&D).

If you like Zelda type Rpg's, try Silver (for PC).
Final Fantasy 7 is great, 8 is ok, 9 (I'm almost to the end, on the last disc) is pretty good also.
My fav RPG's are Final Fantasy Tactics and Xenogears. Fighting the Demon of Elru (Xenogears) is something else, I'll tell ya...


25th March 2001, 19:33
2 very good rpgs will have to be Fallout 2, and Planescape Torment. These are without a doubt the games Ive ever played - highly recommendable.

26th March 2001, 02:02
I would have to agree with Grego, those are two of the best games ever in my opinion.
Good examples of a brilliant story and character development making up for graphical whizz-bangerey.

Also have a look at Deus Ex and System Shock 2, if you like a futuristic feel.


26th March 2001, 02:04
if you want to really get into a game, play planescape torment. it has quite a lot of text to read, but it was the best game i played since jedi-knight, and the first game i played through since jedi knight as well.

26th March 2001, 10:26
I know you like FPSs as well, so how about Deus Ex? Kickass combo of role-playing and action.


Six Of One
28th March 2001, 13:08
Imbeciles! *whip* *whip* http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif The best computer based roleplaying game ever was Wasteland on the C64. Fallout is only a whimpy copy of this devine game and it's still the best the PC has to offer. If it must be fantasy play Knights of Legend! Do it. Do it now!

Argh! My intellect is far superior to yours. I will you to oblivion! Argh!

Six Of One
28th March 2001, 13:34
Argh! I will you to read about Wasteland at

and download it at


Read about Knights of Legend at


and download it at


Of course you need a C64 emulator. Argh! Do it. Do it now. You Imbeciles. Argh!

28th March 2001, 13:56
"Six of One"?

As in the sex android from "Tripping the Rift"?

- Gurm

Listen up, you primitive screwheads! See this? This is my BOOMSTICK! Etc. etc.

Six Of One
29th March 2001, 05:15
Hey Gurm, sadly i don't know the movie (it is a movie? please...), but being a sex android sounds interesting. Actually it's more "6 of 1, half a dozen of the other"

The Shizoid Man

31st March 2001, 14:57
C64 ehh? What about Ultima 1-5 and Legacy of the Ancients? Zork 1 - 3...

My favorite RPG's happen to be on the Super Nintendo...ChronoTrigger, FF3, etc...


...I come from a time when the C-64 Scene was the sh*t lol...God, I must have had like 3000+ disks full of stuff.... Ohh how I miss those times, but a good emulator makes me feel at home http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Six Of One
1st April 2001, 15:57
Yes! I use WIN-VICE (very stable BTW) and play once in a while some games like Antiriad or 7 Cities of Gold. But most times i simply power up my breadbox and have some good clean fun planning robberies in They Stole a Million[/]. Actually i am currently having lots of fun listening to old C64 tunes with the cool SIDplayer. That were the times, baby. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Ahhh, must - play - [i]Krakout - now...

Hmh, the UBB code is correct, i don't know why this is displayed so silly...

Since my intellect is far superior to your's i will you to [insert appropiate demand here]. Do it. Do it now. Argh!

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2nd April 2001, 17:42
I love all the Ultimas, Wasteland rocked, Might and magic II was cool, system shock 1 and 2 ruled but my all time favorite though is one that sadly I never hear mentioned, Alternate Reality: the City !!!!!! I played the apple IIc version.


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2nd April 2001, 18:00
Hi Guys,

Lets get a little nostalgic here for a minute. Does anyone remember the old Sierra classics like Space Quest and King's Quest. Remeber those games and the big ugly 5 1/4" disks they came on :)


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