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1st March 2001, 07:28
I have a G400 Flex3D and i run it with powerdesk. I have been reluctant to update past 6.10.. because it always knocks the dvdmax playback out. -when will they fix it-

well i like watching dvds on my tv.. anyhow, ill get back to the point. I installed 610, intrigued by the new features.. the new++ duelhead options are nice, so is the new lay out, and being able to hotkey the clone function is useful.

And i noticed gl bugs were fixed in Quake 3 e.g on the first level when you walk to the mirror the reflection only appeared when i was close, and switched to gray when far away, now i can see it from any distance, also less tears, ect in wall joins making it all look more solid

But upon watching a dvd the intermittent skipping was back.. just every few minutes. every now and again So i reinstalled 610, and i have smooth dvdmax playback again i do miss the hotkey for cloning the screen.. but heres the weried thing.. playing quake 3.. the fixes are still there.. it all looks and plays the same? is this some kind of bizzare driver combination hybrid ive created??

and why does the dvdmax screw up in the 621 onwards.. you would think they would of fixed it by now..

2nd March 2001, 01:42
I assume you are watching PAL DVDs?
This problem of jerky PAL playback on TV is present in all driver versions after 5.55.
It's been discussed on quite extensively at the matrox.com dvd forum. Now they have finally reproduced it and it's supposed to be fixed in the next driver release. Until that, I'm reverting to PD5.55 when watching PAL DVDs.


2nd March 2001, 03:31
Really its been discussed at length? cool
do you have a link to the dvd forum? i didnt know they had one

I just thought that it was a genereal dvdmax problem, is it specifically when playing pal dvds... ?

thanks for your help

2nd March 2001, 05:40
thats great thank you very very much
your a star!!!

ill take a look now

2nd March 2001, 16:44
Go to www.matrox.com/mga, (http://www.matrox.com/mga,) select support/forums. There's a forum dedicated to dvd&tv-out stuff. A search for PAL DVD playback will give you a lot of references.

Here's a direct link:


I have both NTSC and PAL DVD's. NTSC playback has always been smooth, but PAL started to stutter after PD5.55. This is my and many others' experience.

As I said, luckily a fix should be on its way.


4th March 2001, 10:35
You're using a Flex 3D with PD 6? I thought that the RT-2000 only worked with 'ancient' drivers such as 5.27?


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4th March 2001, 16:17

Yeah i have a flex3d and yes you can only suppose to use the 'ancient drivers' though the just released versions are 6.25

i have a duelboot sysytem, one purely for editing and another for everything else, its with the 'other' partition where i am using the 6.50 drivers. if you update the matrox driver and force it to find the 6.50 inf file, you can choose what to install it as... so in properties, it is listed as a g400 duelhead. and i can use what drivers i like. Thanks for the link to threads, because i now have my g400 outputting in rgb to ntsc to my widescreen tv. everything runs smooth and all is well. hopefully a fix will be implemented for the pal bug now its known and established.

cheers.. CMB