View Full Version : embm in quake 3(or just openGL)

16th January 2001, 19:57
can embm be used in OpenGL? i was thinking that embm would be a really nice addition, like maybe through a mod. and i don't even mean with textures and stuff, but with water surfaces, heat waves above lava, and maybe a shockwave thing comming off of a rail gun slug.

so, does openGL suport embm?


16th January 2001, 20:26

16th January 2001, 20:38
Just to clarify, OpenGL supports EMBM. OpenGL supports damn near anything, but Matrox hasn't coded an OpenGL module to support EMBM.
Granted, that is a lot to ask, but why should Matrox have these features if they're not properly supported?

17th January 2001, 15:59
Yes you can do Embm in OpenGL. The problem is that the opengl 1.2 spec (or are they up to 1.3) hasn't been updated in about 2 years or so at least. Yes it would be completely possible to do Embm in opengl as its just a hardware call/function with 3 textures instead of 1 or 2. And they'd probably do it, but the OpenGl consortium sorta dislikes stuff like that being done. That is why opengl has all these extensions and stuff instead. Its they're way of patching Opengl between releases. Which unlike DX take forever and a day, but thats more due to HW compatability, and the fact that in OpenGL if a card can't support something in hardware then the driver for the card/hw has to be able to run it in software (which bumpmapping is very proc. intensive). This was part of the reason why it took matrox so long to build a good fast and stable? Full ICD. That and they felt a mini-ICD was slap in the face to us, the $$$ spending consumer. If you want to know more try www.opengl.org, (http://www.opengl.org,) or read the matrox interview with maximumpc (if the link is still up).