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24th October 1999, 07:58
Hi All!
I bought a RRG card in the US and brought it to Russia. As u know the Russian TV standard is SECAM. VT doesn't have Russia in the list of the countries where the card is used. I used France instead of Russia, coz the former 1 also has SECAM TV system but lil bit different. This caused some problems. I want to use the card as a TV tuner and record TV broadcast if it's possible. Can somebody help me finding out if there's a way to solve the problem of setting up the US RRG card working correctly in Russia and using it as a TV Tuner?
Thank u in advance.
PS: I use Millenium G200 and TV Out card with the RRG.

24th October 1999, 08:03
Hum...I don't think that'll be possible. From what I understand the tv-tuner being used for the cards shipped in north america is different then the one shipped internationally. Hardware wise it won't be possible.
If someone else knows a work around...


24th October 1999, 09:09
Hi there Old Nick

Yes I had a similaer problem. I have a 'Foriegn' G200 + TV tuner. I needed United Kingdom PAL. but it would not give me sound.

With some good advice from Haig, I meddled in the registry and also tried a few other things - now its great.

In the registry I selected I think it was Turkey because it had a similar type of encoding for the sound subcarrier, then I think I altered it to use PAL for that country, next I edited some numbers around there to get the correct frequencies.

I hope Haig is getting this because I cannot remember exactly where abouts in Windows this all is at the moment.

Best of luck.


25th October 1999, 02:26
I am sorry to disappoint you. I live in Russia and cannot use RR_G as tuner.

Matrox saved some money on Philips tuner for RR_G. I think ONE dollar!

As a result, the tuner does not support formal Soviet Union broadcast SOUND subcarrier offset of 6.5 MHz. The system is named D/K, where D is for meter band, and K is for UHF band.
You can find Russian TV frequencies in any refence book here, and place the numbers for channels in registry. There were explanations where and how to do so on the forum.
Doing this manual editing (Why Matrox still did not posted a file on their site - it is simple and was done for Russian users by e-mail one year ago!), you can get so-so SECAM TV video, but never a sound. It is not possible, because of no support for D/K sound subcarrier in hardware.

Secam decoding has bad quality on my RR_G. Strange enough, it was possible to get much better picture in PC VCR window, when I feed SECAM signal and forced RR_G to stay in NTSC mode. THe colors were looking better, although it was impossible to capture in this mode. There were a lot of bugg in sliders operation for secam too.

! Yes, I had american version of RR_G. I suppose the difference was only in software, and specifically in sets of tuner frequencies used in different countries.
It is possible to buy proper filters and solder them in side tuner. I know some persons who did this with success.
The only option you have is to buy VCR in Russia and use it as tuner of RR_G.


Sergey L
25th October 1999, 15:11
If you can speak Russian, look at http://ixbt.stack.net/video/matrox-tv-rus.html.

25th October 1999, 17:42
Sergey, The page does not exist :-(

26th October 1999, 00:50

there was a period at the end of link.

A good tutorial for Matrox engineers http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


27th October 1999, 06:17
Thanks to everyone who posted useful pieces of information regarding my question. I really appreciate it.