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26th December 2000, 17:18
After a long absence, I greet all the UT players from the Murc! I had lasik surgery so my aim should improve considerably!!! This is a pic of how I looked when my ride home from the surgery passed out TWICE after listening to my post-op instructions!!!!
(GEE, I wonder who that was?????)

Hope to see you online again soon,

aka Heman(wpioc.org)

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26th December 2000, 17:49
OK! I can take the hint! Yes, it was me that passed out (twice). Let me start by saying that I can benchpress over 350 pounds and sit and watch the Discovery Channel for hours at a time while they do brain surgery, no problem. I am far from frail and weak stomached. Something about that day just screwed me up. I hadn't eaten, and I guess that seeing eyedrops dropped into a freshly burned eyeball just creeped me out. I was fine till the post-op instructions when they started talking about the "flap" that they had just cut into his eyeball, and that if he rubbed it it would wrinkle (all the time dropping drops into his eye). We got up from that room and started walking to another room. About half way there everything started spinning so I sat in a chair along the hallway. I was carryiing my cell phone, his cell phone, his glasses, and his perscription stuff as I sat down. The next thing I remember is someone patting me on the shoulder and another guy picking up all of the stuff that I had dropped. I was dripping with sweat and really dizzy when I came to. Several people gathered around and a guy asked if I wanted some water. THere was a water cooler about 10 feet away so I got up and walked over there to get some. One of the people that work there was standing next to me asking how I was doing and I thought I was doing fine. Next thing I remember was waking up on the floor with about twice as many people around me as before. Someone was asking how many Valium I had taken (standard for the pre-ops), and another one was saying to be careful with my eyes. At that point someone said "No, he didn't have the surgery! He is the ride home" I looked up and saw my buddy standing there with a look on his face that was a cross between fear and joy. The fear was that of a man that was afraid he would never get home. The joy was that of a man that would have something to stick it to me with for the rest of my life. After a few minutes I felt fine and drove him back to his house.

He was threatening to put the story on the MURC so I threatened him with the picture above. I didn't factor in that he has absolutely no shame whatsoever and that he would post the picture as a premptive strike. Oh well. At least they will be talking about me at the Lasik place for a while (so I have that going for me). http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

26th December 2000, 19:48
"MURCers", can't take'em anywhere...ROFLMAO!!!!!

Great Story...LOL


27th December 2000, 06:07
Well, I must admit that I did enjoy the post-op entertainment (which was nothing compared to sitting and listening to me for half an hour before surgery waiting for my 20mg of valium to kick in). However, I was very appreciative of Kindness being there for me as my wife was too sick with the flu to drive me home and he was quick to volunteer. He is a true friend indeed! (even if he does want to kill me now that his secret is out). Maybe a peace offering? Maybe that new candle fragrance, the one that smells like burning eyeballs......

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27th December 2000, 07:59
Glad to hear that everything went fine (for both of you, lol).


27th December 2000, 08:21
While entertaining, this has very little to do with Matrox Gaming.
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