View Full Version : Upgraded system, now HL-CS is choppy!!

24th December 2000, 10:52

i just upgraded my system and HL-CS is very choppy. when i walk in an straight line everything is OK, but when i turn it gets choppy (it occur's the most when walking around corners).It isn't that choppy that it is unplayable, but is very annoying.

With my old system i ran CS at the same resolution (1024x768x16) and it was smooth (fps where in 20-40 range while with new sys i get 60-80!!)

OLD config:
celly 300a@450, Abit bx6, 128mb, 20gb + 30gb Maxtor.

New config:
P3 1000mhz, Abit Sa6R, 512mb, 2x 30gb IBM Raid-0.

everything else was moved from old sys to new sys (including G400 MAX).

one thing: i have soundcard in pcislot 3 and NIC in pcislot 5 (install of soundcard did say something about being in an secondary pci, but don't know what that means)

I know you guys are gonna ask me this http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif :

IRQ list:
00 Systemtimer
01 keyboard
02 programmable interruptcontroller
03 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ-steering
03 Intel(r) 82801BA/BAM USB-contr. 1
04 Com1
05 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ-steering
06 Intel(r) 82801BA/BAM USB-contr. 2
06 Floppy controller
07 LPT1
08 System-CMOS/Real time clock
09 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ-steering
09 Matrox G400MAX
09 SCI IRQ used by ACPI bus
10 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ-steering
10 Vortex AU8830 Multifunction PCI platform
10 Vortex AU8830 PCI audio
11 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ-steering
11 HPT370 UDMA/ATA100 RAID Controller
11 3com Etherlink XL PCI TPO NIC (3C900B-TPO)
12 Wheelmouse2 (PS/s)
13 Numerieke-gegevensprocessor (don't know the translation for this one)
14 Intel(r) 82801BA Utra ATA
14 Primary IDE Controller
15 Intel(r) 82801BA Utra ATA
15 Secondary IDE Controller


p.s. i am using WinME

Brian R.
24th December 2000, 11:23
Did you reinstall WinME?

24th December 2000, 13:49
yes, i leaved the old hd's in the old system and reinstalled everything on the new hd's (2x IBM 30gb RAID-0)

24th December 2000, 23:58
Possibly a mouse prob. Try checking the box that smooths the mouse movements in config settings. IF that doesn't work, turn down your excelleration in mouse properties. If that doesn't work, download ps2rate from somewhere and up your mhz for your mouse.


25th December 2000, 03:48
I feel stupid. I forgot to set the mouse box in HL and de rate setting in te logitech drivers.

Now everything works OK. I can frag again http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif