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4th December 2000, 00:03
Hi all!

The combined Know-How of all you experts out there is my last hope.
I have a G400 MAX and can´t get anything working in OGL. I had PD 5.20 installed and TurboGL but all OGL-Games wouldn´t even start. Now I updated to 6.10 (TurboGL-Manager doesn´t find any games as before). Rune and Bugdom are starting but without any textures. Now even the OGL Screensaver doesn´t work any more.
Does anyone had the same problem? And more important; does anyone know how to fix it?!

Thanks for your help.
My System Spec:
Athlon 550; 128 Ram; MSI-6167; CL-SB 128PCI

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4th December 2000, 00:32
could you post a full list of your irqs!

4th December 2000, 00:39
Yes I can. But I´m at the office rigth now, so this list would have to wait until tomorrow. As far as I know there´s an assigned IRQ for the G400. But I will mail this list a.s.a.p.

4th December 2000, 09:14
Also you need to remove the old drivers and all mention of them with the matrox uninstall utility. And manually delete the TurboGL stuff as the lates ICD is faster and more complete. Also remove,however possible,
any other video card drivers as they can interfere. The reason we need your IRQ list is that the G series of cards need to be on IRQ 9 or higher and not sharing anything except PCI steering. If this doesn't fix it, there are a few other issues, namely VIA drivers and SB related stuff etc. And maybe a bios setting or two. I use an Intel chipset mobo and a Vortex sound card so someone else will have to help u there, but we will get it sorted. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

AsusP3B-F,iCel466, 256mgsPC133,G40032megSH, Diamond MX300,13.5gigs of HD's,52X CDrom,WinME, PD 5.41 w/ 6.10ICD,Altec Lansing ATP3Subwoofer,
Envision 17",Terrayon Cable modem w/D-Link nic,1 grey cat,1 black cat & 1 calico

4th December 2000, 14:28
Actually I think the G-series only needs to not be sharing an IRQ, as I've got my G400VDH on IRQ 3 with my scsi controler on 11, my NIC on 10, and some other stuff roaming around there also (I'm at work, so I can't tell you all of them). And my G400 works just fine. Of course I'm also on an all PCI/AGP board so that my help in the stability. Also if you have a via based Mobo, you will want to add the via 4in1 drivers (latest ver. of course). Matrox's website has a really good FAQ on the process. Heres a quick run down of it.

1. Remove Matrox PDesk and drivers (either via the uninstall util or the add/remove listing that comes with 6.x drivers and above).
2. Restart the PC.
3. When windows comes up, and detects your PCI video card, just cancel it.
4. Restart again.
5. Install the via 4in1 drivers. Or at least the ViaGart, and the ViaIRQ routing miniport. The newer ones usually will tell you which ones you need to install.
6. Restart again
7. Run the matrox PDesk/Driver install and you should be fine. Also I've seen and incompatablity (on my PC at least) with DX8 and PDesk 6.10 for ME. 6.04 beta runs fine on mine though.

Hope that helps you.


5th December 2000, 01:38
First of all I like to thank you all for your help.
A few points:
I do not have a VIA Chipset but AMD 751/756
I uninstalled PD 5.20 via Uninstall Utility and deleted the mgaturbo.dll (no TGL-Manager available)
G400 is on IRQ 9 together with IRQ-Steering

What bothers me is, that I can start OGL games now (no-starts with PD 5.20) but there are no textures.
Should I use the Tweak Utility to disable Page Flipping and/or Block Transfer with OGL??

Thank´s again for all your answers

5th December 2000, 01:47
Zitzlock, when you post up your IRQ's I'll give you help as I have the same MB and know it like the back of my hand and then some. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

5th December 2000, 05:32
Thanks Greebe - I will tomorrow.
BTW should I use MSInfo?
BTW2 I still run Bios 1.0 (?) - meaning: in never updated my MOBO!
Could this be the problem? I really cant see why, because all updates seem to fix some USB issues - a port I do not use.

Thanks again to you all

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5th December 2000, 05:40
MSInfo will be fine. Update that BIOS!!! The last one they made for the 6167 is dated Dec 31, 1999. And yes this could very well be the problem.

5th December 2000, 06:26
Greebe - Just to be on the save side:
The latest Update I have downloaded but not installed is Version 1.6 Date 9/2000!
What´s your rec.? Update with newest bios or with 1.4 which you mentioned?


5th December 2000, 15:34
Zitzlock, I may have missed something. Maybe you've attended to this.

In your OpenGL *games* folders (not in your Windows Directory but in the game folder, can you find a file called "Opengl32.dll"?


6th December 2000, 02:04
Dear all!

At last I´m able to post my IRQ List. It´s translated partly, but I hope you can check it out for me:
0 Systemzeitgeber (Systemtimer or something like that)
1 Standard (101/102 Tasten) oder Microsoft Natural Keyboard
2 Programmierbarer Interrupt-Controller
3 COM-Anschluss (COM2)
4 COM-Anschluss (COM1)
5 (free)
6 Standard-Diskettenlaufwerk-Controller
7 ECP-Druckeranschluss (LPT1)
8 CMOS-/Echtzeitsystemuhr
9 IRQ-Holder für PCI-Steering
9 Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead
10 AMD 756 PCI/USB Open Host Controller
10 IRQ-Holder für PCI-Steering
11 Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128
11 IRQ-Holder für PCI-Steering
12 PS/2-kompatibler Mausanschluss
13 Numerischer Coprozessor
14 Controller des primären Bus-Master
14 AMD-756 EIDE-Controller V1.22 RC
15 Controller des sekundären Bus-Master
15 AMD-756 EIDE-Controller V1.22 RC

That´s it.
Thank you Paul for your input, but I did check that and could not find any "opengl32.dll" anywhere else than in my systemfolder

Curious what you will make out of my IRQ-List

6th December 2000, 03:21
IRQ's look decent. Disable USB if you're not using it though.

And I believe that you can get some 750 patches from AMD (It's been almost a year since I've looked. AGP, maybe USB).

I have a related system, running just fine.

MSI-6167 w/ Athlon 500@750 (thx Greebe!), 128MB Crucial PC133, G400MAX,SBLive!-MP3,Pioneer 10x DVD, Plextor 12/10/32A, a hard drive or two, and a Sony 420GS. Running RH7.0 (2.4.0-test8), and Win98 (when I have to).

6th December 2000, 03:37
I have the 1.5 BIOS here on my machine, and can send it if you need it. I think there was a 1.6, but it wasn't as stable on my machine.

I also have the 4.61 AMD miniport.

Both of these are a little old, but everything works great.

6th December 2000, 03:44
Dear Wombat!

I am alway very carefull when it comes to updating any bios´s. But as you recommended USB disabling I think I will update my MOBO with version 1.5 (seem to work for you) and see what happens.
I all goes well should I change anything in the bios settings manually?
BTW did you ever update the G400 bios?
I did not.

Thanks again

6th December 2000, 11:59
Udate your G400's BIOS with whatever is the latest on Matrox's site. I'm a beta tester for them and hence use one that is not available to the general public. What they have posted work fine tho.

Order, MB BIOS, then drivers (no specific order is neccessary), then G400 BIOS should be your best approach. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

6th December 2000, 16:09
Yes, use BIOS 1.5. I'm currently using AMD's AGP miniport driver 4.80, IDE Bus Master Driver Version 1.32 and IRQ Driver Version 1.11 located here (http://www.amd.com/products/cpg/bin/).

update your G400 Max BIOS also.

6th December 2000, 16:16
Update night tonight!!
Is there a specific order I should install all these updates?
Which G400 bios version do you use?

Hoping that my system will work at all after all this:}


11th December 2000, 01:30
Dear all!

I´m sorry for the delay but here´s the result of my updating:
I did everything you suggested and altough nothing bad happened BUGDOM still runs without textures, but never mind. Also the OGL screensaver works with the exception of the one with the tubes (while testing that the screen goes black and comes round after a few moments. Text, Forms and Banner do work strangely enough).
ALICE works though, but I don´t know if that´s an OGL-game?! Of course I had to edit the *.cfg File and have some serious lock-ups in the game itself (Pool of tears!!!)

If you have any more hints & tipps for me I would appreciate them.
Best regards