View Full Version : Crimson Skies issues with g400

24th November 2000, 14:24
Hey all, just wondering if anyone has the same problem as me with crimson skies, I looked in the readme and it said that g400 wasnt supported?? what is up with that?
Is there a patch or anything out there? it looks horrible in software and runs too slow....
p3-450 128 mb sb live, 16mb g400 win2k

25th November 2000, 07:36
That's mad, the demo works perfectly well with a G400. I can't see why they have to move the goal-posts with the final version to make it not work at all with a G400. Maybe an earlier/later driver version might help, or running it with the minimum texture detail possible?

28th November 2000, 11:51
I have Crimson Skies running seemingly fine with my G400 Max.

Hope this helps you http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif