View Full Version : CounterStrike 1.0 + G400TV

13th November 2000, 12:32
OK first of all heres my sys

128 pc100
1 20g 7200 maxtor
1 10g 5400 Wd
Toshiba 5x DVD
Mitsumi 2X CDR
RealMagic MPEG2 Decoder card (Hollywood +)
Yamaha Legacy Sound Card
1024 x 780 32 bit

anyway Counter strike locks up
at comepletely random points
and has been ever since install

yes ive done a clean install of windows
clean install of hl and cs
lastest versions
all my drivers are up to date

ive tried woth both turboGL
and Direct 3d

someone please help because i kick ass
in this game and it hard to prove it
when my comp locks up http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif))

13th November 2000, 12:35
i have the g400tv on 2x AGP

and what does graphics aperture
and AGP read burst mean
and how to they affect gameplay

13th November 2000, 16:38
Use the tweak utility (see Downloads) to force AGP1x. Many SS7 MB's can't handle 2x very well.