View Full Version : 6.10 Driver problem!! Can you please help?

10th November 2000, 20:57
I've noticed many people here having success with the new drivers but for some reason I am not
I'm using Win98SE with the Matrox G400 Millenium (IRQ is 11, no conflicts).

PC-100 128 RAM.

On a AMD-751 chipset on a K7M motherboard.

The CPU speed is 650mhz (Not OC'd)

Ever since I installed the new drivers (from my 6.01 BETA ones) I've seen a devestating hit of decreasing frame rates.

I've been testing the new drivers with Tribes at the moment (using open GL). Surprisingly enough my old drivers work way better then the new ones.

I really want to try to find out why. But I'm stumped. I've never had a problem upgrading drivers with my card before.

I've tried several times uninstalling/updating.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

10th November 2000, 21:30
Go back to the earlier drivers. I have to use 6.04 if Fifa2000 is to display properly

10th November 2000, 21:39
Funny enough I just did that and it works!

BTW:I am using DirectX 8.0. I updated my BIOS and lastly I am using the latest uninstall utility. Still no luck with the 6.10 drivers though http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

10th November 2000, 21:55
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Please keep game specific problems like this in the game forum, and you will have better luck finding other Tribes players.

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