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9th November 2000, 16:39
Hi guys,

This is a real long shot, but when I play UT on line with my Diamond Supra 56e pro, I always without fail get disconnected from games after 6/7 minutes (regular as clockwork). This never used to be the case - I got lag, but no disconnections. I am quite sure its ISP related (freeserve surftime), but just in case has anyone heard of it?(Ive updated to pd 6.04 recently)

My machine:
Athlon 500
G400 (32MB)
sblive (liveware 2)
128MBit RAM

Thanks a lot http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

9th November 2000, 18:06
What version of UT are you running? I would have the game crash on me pretty regularly with older versions (either 4.05 or 4.20), but 4.28 (I think this is the current version number) is pretty solid for me. I connect with a cheapo 56K modem from Jaton.

10th November 2000, 16:21
Tried just about every version incl. 436!
On one ISP everything seems fine (wireplay UK), so this really must be the reason.

It was just a long shot that it might be a video issue (I know someone with a similar problem who is convinced it is...but they have a Geforce), or that someone cleverer than me could come up with a technical reason!

Oh well....thanks for replying!

One other thing, the game doesnt actually crash...I can reconnect again instantly...