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7th November 2000, 09:35
Based on Anandtech's review of the G450, it appears that the GeForce, G400MAX, G400 and G450 have similar results/framerates with Direct3D 16bit (under 32bit, the G400Max is slightly faster than the GeForce).

If I read this correct, using a G400 single head, would it be safe to assume that most Direct3D games would perform with similar (read decent) frame rates? That is, given that the overall results for the Geforce and G400 are very close, the advantage should go to the G400 due to their better image quality.

As I see it, the only advantage the GeForce has is with OpenGL based games and applications.

7th November 2000, 10:54
Yes, but the Geforce is almost obsolete, as well as the G400 (for speed freaks, that is). For me, my 16Mb G400 is enough, and I do mostly gaming.

If you´re thinking about buying one of these three cards, I´d recommend a plain G400 if you have a slow processor (<400Mhz), and a G400MAX if you have a fast processor. All of this for image quality´s sake, of course.