View Full Version : Dumb questions about the new vidtools

20th October 1999, 02:37
Hi. Last time I was using my RR-G was last spring when I still had a G200. Since then I've purchased a DVRaptor and a G400DH32, and the rr-g has just been sleeping in the slot without any drivers.
Now I would need it again, and I would like to know a couple of thing:

- Is the requirement "powerdesk5.25" really necessary: it does not work at all with 5.30?

- Do the vidtools include all the setting for Ulead Mediastudio or do those have to be loaded from the original rr-g cd?

I was able earlier to use both the rr-g and dvraptor at the same setup, i hope I could still. I tried to install the beta video tools a month back but that just crashed my system totally.

So, any info on the new videotools would be appreciated.


23rd October 1999, 14:32

The 5.30 drivers should also work. Although I haven`t used the RRG much since updating to the 5.30, all seems fine at this point.