View Full Version : Dungeon Keeper + G400 + 32 bit = problems

22nd October 1999, 00:54
For some reason, setting 32 bit color or 32 bit everythin (Z-buffer, textures also) causes none of the menu text to be displayed. It worked fine on my TNT. Has anyone else had this problem? I hope it is fixed in the next patch that has EMBM.


Chris Blake
22nd October 1999, 08:26
I think this is a problem with DK2 itself because it been reported on other cards. May the patch will fix it, maybe it won't. We can only hope http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

Chris Blake

Epox MVP3G5, K6III450, 192Mb RAM, G400Max DH, SBLive! Value and whole load of other stuff

12th September 2000, 16:57
No way, patch 1.70 dont patch enything.