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21st October 1999, 18:40
I made some MPG (MPEG) files that I made from some AVI files I made with my Marvel G400. Not that any of that makes any difference. My point is that I took the MPEG files (with the mpg extension) and compressed them with Winzip utility. I then tried to unzip them and play them. They were corrupted (an error maessage said CRC erros druing the unzipping process, and would not unzip the file, not making a fuss about this either). I just want to know if anyone knows of a zip, or a compression utility that ccan be used to compress the files to save space, without corrupting them and making them unplayable? I was trying to compress them so I can put more of them on a CDROM. I plan on making my work available in a few months on a web site, but am unable to do so because my current ISP only has one-way cable modem access and I can't upload using it. I will soon have a 2-way cable modem and will albe able to upload files. Thanx in advance.

I run a Matrox Marvel G400 AGP with an:
Abit BE6 MotherBoard
Adaptec CD Creator 4
Pentium III 450
128 MB Ram
SB Live
Maxtor 13 GIG HD
2 3com Nic cards
Wingate 3.05
1 Symbios SCSI for my HP Photo Scanner
Boca 56K Int. Modem
Mitsumi 4801-TE CD-R
MS Precision Pro Joystick
Surfboard SB1200 cable modem
Shamrock 17" Monitor
HP OfficeJet Pro 1175Cse 4/1 printer/Scanner/Fax/copier
Note: I have the Matrox Mystique G200 16MB AGP Video Card, stashed away,
That I took out and replaced with the Marvel G400 on 10/13/99.
AbitBX6 MB
Celeron 300a
Maxtor 6.4 GIG HD
128 MB Ram
Netsurf NIC
SB Live sound card
Teac CDRom
Hercules Thriller AGP Video Card
Boca 56K Int. Modem
MS Precision Pro Joystick
Shamrock 15" monitor

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21st October 1999, 19:01
I've used Nico Mak's Winzip ver 7.0 without any problems for mpg and m1v. You get a minimal amount of compression though - I was doing it to span MPEG's across several 100MB zip discs.

21st October 1999, 19:02
Zip *is* a lossless compression. Period. If it's got CRC errors, they were introduced by one of:
1. bad media
2. bad modem/network transfer
3. bad memory on your machine
4. overclocked cpu (?)

...or something along those lines. Darn near every data compression format (as opposed to graphic/video compression) is lossless. From good old arc through zip, arj, Z, gz, and bz2. Zip is quite a safe method, unless you have other problems in your system.


21st October 1999, 21:16
I fixed my compression problem by going to the Winzip web site and gettin an upgrade to Winzip Version7 (from V 6.3). I don't know why it fixed the problem but it did. Thanx all for your answers.

22nd October 1999, 03:53
have you tried ASF compression
you can get the program,from microsoft.com
its free ware and if you make an asf file straight from mjpeg the qaulity is great
i a have a 2 min 355x288 at 25fps with stereo sound, which also has fast moving action in it with minimal breakup and is only 6.5mg compare that to the 6mg mpeg that is only 30 seconds with no sound elsewhere in this forum and youll see what i mean

if youve got the time sample my file and make up your own mind, its at
www.karoo.net/cmbla/dm.zip (http://www.karoo.net/cmbla/dm.zip)

all you need to play it is windows media player :O)

22nd October 1999, 06:32
Very Nice info you gave, the video is very good quality, thank you, hell, I am very glad I started this thread or else I would not have gotten this info, I will go get the encoder, compressor program and check it out, since the file you gave me the link to looks and sound really good. Thanx again.

22nd October 1999, 06:39
your very welcome!!!
be sure to let me know the links to any videos you make :O)
see ya

22nd October 1999, 07:07
your very welcome!!!
be sure to let me know the links to any videos you make :O)
see ya

22nd October 1999, 07:34
Well, I went over to Microsoft.com and looked around, what I found, is that you have to run Windows NT/95 and they have a trial version of netshow theater:http://support.microsoft.com/support/browse/default.asp?FR=0
here is another link I found: http://support.microsoft.com/support/browse/default.asp?FR=0
I had to edit this and correct some mistakes I made but stil have not found the program I need to download, but at least my correction will fix my search mistakes for now.
I cannot find a version to make videos to use on Win98, nor a completely free version. I am stil looking, but the mIcrosoft server is real crappy and slow (sorry, this is not the place to rant about MS servers being crap). I will look more, but if there is a specific link or place with the right s/w package I can use, please post. Thanx. I was very impressed with quality of that video, I do not know the compression ratios yet, but if they are better than winzip that would be great. hel the compression from AVI to MPEG with Ligos was huge something like 1:3 (3=AVI).
Off I go, cya later, and thanx again.

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22nd October 1999, 08:00
the program i used i downloaded free from microsoft.com
it is called 'on demand producer.
you load up files into it and then save as streaming media and it creates it
it is very customisable so you can have anything from super high quality to, having it streamed over the net on a 56k modem

i cant remember the exact link to get it from but i the way i first heard about it was from the idots guide to desktop video
follow the link from the main page of the matrox users site, then go to video showcase,
in there it explains how to play asf files, and where to get the software to create them with the links :O)

hope all gos well

22nd October 1999, 08:20
Found it!:
------- http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/en/download/
I will check in a couple days to let you know what is going on with it. I cannot get my videos up until I get more work done on them and my ISP change is done. Going from 1-way cable modems to 2-way very soon. Uploads can't be done with 1-way cable modems. Thanx again.

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