View Full Version : Marvel G400-TV & Windows NT

21st October 1999, 15:11
Yes there is. It's on Matrox's site. I've been using them on the Marvel G400-TV since we started betaing them. I've been using NT4-SP4 and SP5.

It's worked great on both setups I've used it with: Abit BH6 and Asus P3B-F. Both with C466 and 256 megs of ram. I highly recommend using it with Winternals FAT32 filesystem for NT as this performs better than NTFS on my system.

Dr. Mordrid

21st October 1999, 16:38
Hi all,

I am thinking of buying a Marvel G400-TV but I normally use Window NT V4 on my PC. From what I understand video capture and editing is only supported under Windows 9x. I donít mind setting up a dual boot with Windows 9x & NT so I can capture using 9x, but will I be able to use the G400 as a standard video card under NT? i.e. is there a suitable driver for NT?


21st October 1999, 16:55
Hate to question the Doc, but I don't seem them? Are you just using the G200 drivers?
www.matrox.com, (http://www.matrox.com,) click on Graphics Cards
click Drivers, Latest Drivers, and nothing for the G400 Marvel but 9x.