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10th July 2000, 16:15
nfs.hwextreme.com/downloads.shtml (http://nfs.hwextreme.com/downloads.shtml)


10th July 2000, 17:08
please stop posting links to beta/release candidate programs... they will only cause more troubles that they will do good to others

10th July 2000, 17:30
Pssst, dZeus... Joel will know!! As an official BB he'll know http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

10th July 2000, 17:49
Maybe I should have put that this is a use at your own risk. That this is not offically supported by Matrox or anyone else for that matters. I just though there might be some who would be interested.


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10th July 2000, 18:42

Thanks for posting the link. I keep trying to get a copy of it, but the links are usually dead by the time I get to it.

DZeus, I'm happy he posted the link, why so upset about it? It's not like your gonna have to support someone who downloads it.


10th July 2000, 19:05
have been using the win2k version for nearly two weeks with no problems so far.

11th July 2000, 08:08
er......I have tried twice to download DX8.well no I HAVE downloaded it twice but it says it is not a valid archive when i try and unzipp it?! Its buggered m8.

12th July 2000, 16:06
Well you know the old saying,'No guts, no glory'. I have been running my machine for several days now with this beta installed and so far I have not had any problems.


12th July 2000, 16:16
well.... just keep it on me having some bad experience with M$-betas....

I don't mind you posting it here, but it would be nice if you said they were beta... (I was a bit dissapointed when I clocked on the link finding out they were not final; that's the reason for my remark I made...) ;-)

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- You get N people with a boosted ego, and no-one loses anything; keep up the good work, boys!