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Roy Welch
16th October 1999, 22:43
I hooked up my camcorder and started netmeeting. I got a picture in Netmeeting. But is was black & white and the picture was smaller than the window. I have no idea why this is occuring. This is info on my system.

(Pentium 166MMX, 48mg Ram, 10 gig hd, Rainbow Runner, Matrox Card )

Roy Welch

17th October 1999, 13:12
Check your version of netmeeting, and make sure that it is the latest (I think that's 2.2 upwards). It works fine, but (from bitter personal experience) I can assure you that you won't be worried about B&W so much as trying to establish a connection.

18th October 1999, 06:46
I have given up trying to connect to the NetMeeting servers. Instead, I use ICQ to hook up with people on text chat. Then to go to video conferencing one person sends the other their IP address. In NetMeeting you can connect directly to another person if you know their IP address.

If you don't have a permanent IP address, and most of us don't, you will have to get your IP address each time you connect to the internet. In Win95/98 run "winipcfg" from "Run" off the Start button on the task bar. In NT, run "ipconfig" from an MS-DOS window. Write down your IP address and you are ready for video conferencing without having to log on to one of the servers.

Roy Welch
19th October 1999, 08:28
I have the most recent Netmeeting. I have no problem connecting using the netmeeting server. I didn't want to buy a webcam if I could get color and a larger picture thru my camcorder and rainbow runner card.

19th October 1999, 10:36
I didn't have a problem with colour using my Marvel and Camcorder, although I did stick with a small video window (which I set with PC-VCR first) so that I stayed with a reasonable bandwidth. This was with V2.2 (I think) of Netmeeting. The original that shipped with W95 plain didn't work with video.

I don't have it installed any more, so I can't tell you which version it was.

19th October 1999, 17:57
I use Netmeeting 3.0 and my video is OK, it has a simpler interface than 2.1 and more stable (whith version 2.1 my calls always ended with system lockups.)

Netmeeting servers are always busy, but you can tell ICQ to publish your current IP number in your personal info page, so you can call friends whithout asking them to search in their systems

20th October 1999, 09:28
Roy Welch.....to resolve your B/W video picture in netmeeting you will need to go to microsofts web site and download vidcap32.exe. Run this program and go to options>video format and select 8 bit RGB. This will solve the prob. You can also fix the size in the options section. Once you have selected the format exit the program and run netmeeting. You should be seeing color.