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Sanjuro Makabe
25th June 2000, 19:37
Anyone having this problem? The game takes more than 10 mins to load, I know this is not normal, but I got the same problem when I upgraded UT to 420, the d3ddrv.dll from 405b fixed the problem, anyone?

Sanjuro Makabe

P!!!550E @ 733Mhz
ASUS P3V4X 1005, 4in1 4.22, AGP 4.03
128Mb PC100 C2 Ram
Matrox G400Max PD6.00 beta
SBLive! LW3.0
WinMe 4.90.2535

25th June 2000, 23:21
10 minutes? That is not right. It takes my P2 300 about 1-2 minutes per load.

25th June 2000, 23:33
I have the same problem with a 10 min load time-then it is so choppy its unplayable.this didn't happen with training,only new game.It did make a big diff going back to 16bit color instead of 32.
p2-450,128megs ram,g400-16sh.

26th June 2000, 00:20
Is there lots of HD thrashing? What does it seem like your computer is doing?

26th June 2000, 14:50
Check your VCACHE setting in the system.ini file.

I have recently experimented with video editing, and one of the things that is recommended, is to mess with the VCACHE setting, so I did. Then I noticed that UT took 2 minutes to load (I timed it), all the while the HD was busy working away. Normally, UT takes 15 seconds to load. After removing the VCACHE setting (it was originally blank), load times went back to normal.

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27th June 2000, 07:44
On mine the harddrive is chugging away the whole time-UT loads for me in about 20secs.
ill try the vcache settings....