View Full Version : Problem with Descent3.

24th June 2000, 15:36
Hi everyone,

Holly gave me the US version of Descent3.
It installs okay, setup goes okay, but when I start the game it says "Sorry, but your computer has a language not supported by Descent3".

I've had a hint at it, that the US version plays NTSC video, instead of PAL. That could be the problem, but I wonder.

Is there a way around this problem, that anyone knows of? I might have a Dutch version of Windows, but Dx 7.0a is English, I set the language to English and the keyboard to American (US).

I might try to set language to American (US) as well, but I don't think that'll change much.

So, if anyone knows what to do, please say so.


24th June 2000, 15:59

Go into Control Panel/Regional Settings and either change the regional settings or the Input Locale to the proper language.

hehehe the 'original' American English. heh

24th June 2000, 16:21
Thanks, DosFreak !!!

That did the trick http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Playing now...