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21st June 2000, 20:03
Hi all I am testing my new TFC server and thought of the nifty people here. I am using the standard maps and a few that looked spiffy. It's in nor-cal on a real good connection so give er a try if you like.

The server is only hosting 1 game for now until I figure out if it can handle it with the current config. The server is a:
128mb pc100 ram
NT4 workstation sp6
Tbase 10 eithernet3 nic
connecting to OC3
It seems to be working ok but am not really sure if this the final setup. I am thinking of setting it up on a 100 bit connection if the band width is not enough.

The address is:

The custom maps can be downloaded from:

If the link above is not working it is due to a virus that hit us today but will be back up soon. All of the maps can also be found at i-am/half life. Also the server should download them as you enter the game(if you don't mind doing it that way).

It is set to 20 max players and most of the other stuff is set to the default. I want to up it to 32 if I can but am not sure if this can handle it.

Any thoughts on this? does this sould like it will be ok or should I change things? Any map requests / changes? Drop me a note if you like.

All are welcome, it will be up 24/7 unitl I get the new ip address that will be its final home.

Jeff (Gyaq is the name I use gaming online).

22nd June 2000, 12:26
I'll give it a go today.

One question (or request...) - will you be an active server monitor? I would pay money to play on someone's server who actually deals with the pinheads who seem to live on TFC servers these days.

A couple of suggestions:

1) Force even teams when you start (ie, automatically assign to a team). Yesterday on a server I was playing on, within 30 seconds of the map starting, it was 9 to 2...

2) Class limits - I used to hate these, but nothing is more frustrating when you have 6 snipers and 3 heavys on a map that requires speed. Put the TEAM back in TFC.

3) Low gravity sucks (IMO).

4) Throw in some different maps - I'm tired of playing 2Fort, then Well, then Rock2 and then the new maps. Do some investigation into some of the really good maps out there - mix it up! The downside is that if you're going to play non-standard maps, you gotta allow downloads or put the location of the maps in your MOTD.

5) Find someone you trust and is on the server a lot to help you monitor (ie, allow them to boot the idiots, etc.)

Good Luck! Hopefully I can get a good connection speed to your server!

Andy (aka Fenster)

22nd June 2000, 16:16
Couldn't connect to your server... Tried around 5:00pm CST.

22nd June 2000, 18:11
Well that did't last long. The main router died and I lost my connection. I'll have it back up in a few minutes.


22nd June 2000, 19:08
OK, back up and running.

Jeff (remember if you see Gyaq its me!!!)

22nd June 2000, 19:38
Looked like a hoppin game.
When I checked it in pingtool, I saw 18/20 ppl playing.

Unfortunatly, it's well beyond any acceptable ping for me to even try. Pingtool showed 600-700 ping. That would just make me a target http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

23rd June 2000, 02:16
I am in the middle of setting up a second TFC server on a better connection and system.

It is going on a HP Netserver on a 100mbit line connecting to the OC3. Also faster CPU and more memory. This might help with the ping rates and I hope to kill the lag monkey I see on some of the other servers.

This is a private server with custom maps. I removed the custom maps from the public server because of a glitch in down loading the maps. I am not sure if this is a bug or a server issue. The maps can be obtaned from the link above.

the address for this server is:

password - bob

please go get the maps before entering the game if you are going to play.

Lastly - It is going to be set to 32 players so if you want to get a group together to play there feel free.


23rd June 2000, 07:30
If Kruzin's ping was horrible, mine should be good as we usually have inverse pings on servers... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I'll give both servers a go after work today.

I'm dying to try those custom maps!

23rd June 2000, 14:52
Sweet, I hope it works out for eveyone. The more the better. I'm a little sick of some of the attudes on a lot of the servers. It seems like people forget it is just a game. Should be nice to play with the people here.

By the way if the maps suck or if there is a really good map I should put on the server please let me know.


24th June 2000, 09:32
Hmm, k6-2 is probably pushed a bit to run a 20 player server, but you have plenty of bandwidth tho http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Those of you that are pissed off at all the idiots that inhabit the TFC servers these days, check out www.teampf.org/about/ (http://www.teampf.org/about/) and the TPF section of forums.planetfortress.com.

These ppl run some good servers, that have admins present or reachable all of the time, class limits to prevent excess HWs and snipers (didn't used to be necessary... *sigh*) and a good bunch of ppl playing there most of the time.
I don't know the IPs off hand, but any server with the TPF tag should be good (I used to use The lunatic fringe and Pfefferland), or you can ask on the TPF forum.