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20th June 2000, 10:50
If anyone is still having trouble with the shadows in Quake3 being rendered incorrectly, try this:

1. Go to wherever in the registry all the User3D.xxx flags are.

2. Create a new "DWORD" value, and call it User3D.FastZOffset

3. Set the number to 0

You'll be able to run Q3 and have the shadows rendered properly, but it is MUCH slower http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

Either that or just turn off shadows and "marks on walls" from within the game.

20th June 2000, 14:23
I only get corrupted shadows if the z-buffer is not set to 16-bit (24 or 32-bit).

see my bug-site: N/A (eol)

I'll try your fix soon, and will also include it on the site if it is succesfull

John Rambo
20th June 2000, 17:30

woow, I`m reading on your site

Texture problem Quake3Arena on stairs

I got exact the same graphics problem in the Q3DM7 map. But I`m using the new drivers PD6.0 beta for W98!!!!!!!!.

Know you about z-buffer clipping in Q3? (exact the same as in UT).

little description : I loaded Q3DM17 map, the known map from Q3test series. Please jump to the highest deck(QUAD DAMAGE is here) and take a look with ZOOM enabled at the far field region (deck where is railgun). NOW YOU MUST SEE THE SAME PROBLEM AS IN UT- Image clipping on the railgun deck. All maps in Q3 are affected by this effect, but it`s only visible from big distance, heh, and in Q3Arena are mostly small maps.

I sent you two images (email address removed), first from geforce and second from G400.

20th June 2000, 17:55
hi, thanks for the mail;

I know the clipping in Q3A, but I haven't noticed it yet with the 5.10 drivers in win2k. It was in the 5.06 drivers, but it looks like they fixed it in the 5.10 drivers.

I will take another look at it tomorrow (and I hope the weather will be bearable by then)

I just checked again to be sure, and it still IS in the drivers (5.10)... I will include it on the web-page tomorrow

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John Rambo
20th June 2000, 19:02

I sent you very interesting article, which I read long time ago on Reverend pulpit 3dfx site. Article is from Gary Tarolli, the known 3dfx man. There is a exact description of G400 z-buffer clipping problem. I think it`s a hardware error of G400 (deosn`t support floating point depth buffer) and therefore it`s unsolveable by driver release.


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