View Full Version : Satellite TV and MPEG-2 stream direct to hard disk?

15th October 1999, 06:55
A friend of mine would like to dispense with VHS tapes all together and just record direct to a hard drive.

He's interested in a Dish network satellite dish, and from what he knows, the video signal is essentially an MPEG-2 stream.

Is there any way to grabe the MPEG-2 stream and get it into a computer in full-digital format? Can the new thingmaboby ($1200 whatchamacallit) do it? Anyone out there doing it now?

15th October 1999, 10:02
ME too!, I've already got two dish receivers
and I'd love to grab MPEG2 right off of them.
A few notes for DISH newbies. Only the 4000 and 5000 receivers have the "high speed" data
ports on the back. As far as I know, no specs
have been released by Echostar (DISH) for the

18th October 1999, 06:05
"Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?"

"Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?"

No one knows???

Brian Ellis
18th October 1999, 08:09
My digital receiver (Strong) has an RS-232 plug on the back and the instruction manual states that it is for connecting to a computer, but for what purpose remaines a mystery. I can hardly imagine that the data transfer rate to a serial port would be more than a small fraction of that necessary to import an MPEG-2 signal. Maybe we will see a USB connection one of these days: that should just about do it, with a suitable software for transferring the data to the drive. However, I have a shrewd suspicion that the Powers That Be will object to this for copyright reasons: there would be nothing to stop high quality distribution of copyright broadcast material, e.g. on DVDs, especially as it would be easy to hide the logos with an NLE. The only reason that VCRs have been tolerated is that the quality of off-the-air recorded material is so awful.

Brian (the terrible)

19th October 1999, 18:00
You can grabe the MPEG-2 stream whith NOKIA
9200, 9500 ,9600 digital receivers with scsi
and vgrabber software you can find :http://www.dominance.net/overflow/download/index.cgi