View Full Version : Q3, K7V and TurboGL

15th June 2000, 11:21
With powerdesk 6.0, q3 works good on the asus k7v, but the turbogl isn't still working. Will Matrox release a new version of turbogl soon ? The performancs-loss may not be big, but every single frame/s counts !!

15th June 2000, 11:46
Yes, and in this new release they should fix the problem with the 256 MB aperture size (it sucks .... read posting "what does TURBOGL do " please...latest posting...neeed help)

15th June 2000, 14:03
My agp-aperture size is set to 128mb and worked fine with my old p2b-2 constellation. I don't think that turbogl needs 256mb...
In the moment,no game uses so much texture memory (as far as I know), so 128mb should be more then enough. I increased the standard 64mb to 128mb just for the texture-test of 3dmark2000.

asus k7v, k7-700, g400dh

16th June 2000, 16:08
It may work, but with 128 MB of RAM, 128 AGP-ap-size is still a lot if you consider that half the size of your physical-RAM-space should be the maximum setting. And with RAM-demanding games like Ultima IX you even notice the 128-setting....i mean...is it really necessary ? Why doesn't the icd-driver need so much aperture size ?