View Full Version : Worth installing v6.0 beta drivers?

13th June 2000, 13:09
Is it worth getting this 6.0 beta? Is it buggy? Any conflicts with games, DVD players, etc.? Does the TurboGL driver support Soldier of Fortune yet? I am using a P2 300 system with 128 MB of memory, Windows 98, etc. Tia. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Sanjuro Makabe
13th June 2000, 16:43
go here...

Sanjuro Makabe

P!!!550E @ 733Mhz
ASUS P3V4X 1004.02, 4in1 4.22, AGP 4.03
128Mb PC100 C2 Ram
Matrox G400Max PD6.00 beta
SBLive! LW3.0
WinMe 4.90.2525