View Full Version : New HL Patch problems w/G200

10th June 2000, 14:44
First of all, i'd like to say that valve obviously didn't test the new patch extensively. It should have been delayed for longer.

problems(normal halflife and counterstrike):
- im hearing water sounds on maps such as de_dust
- i can NEVER hear footsteps
- sometimes when the map briefing comes up i can't get out of it. no matter what i press.
- i get more error messages when I try joining games.

and the most ANNOYING thing, it is now VERY unplayable with my G200, if someone can fix this can you please tell me how. my FPS during action probably doesnt surpass 3 (640x480). with or without kruzin's config file.

At least before the patch HL was barely playable with my system, but now im screwed.

please help ?????

P5A-B AMD K6-300
Matrox Milleniumm G200 AGP
Creative SB Awe32 (a classic, superb card)
Realtek 8029A NIC Card
64meg Ram
Ali V agp chipset

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[This message has been edited by nehalmistry (edited 10 June 2000).]

10th June 2000, 16:43
Turning off the netgraph has helped some ppls fps, normally by about 20 (mine went from 18 to 38 @ 1280x960 on my G400Max and a friend with tnt2 from 45 - 65, apparently it helps 3dfx users even more).

If you want to play TF1.5 though I wouldnt bother, its not the game that TFC was.

There is also already a very serious exploit involving fakelag or fakeloss, that I'm not going to repeat here, TF1.5 and CS servers already have enough of these cheaters.

13th June 2000, 16:33
The fakelag cheat has been fixed with a server update. The new netcode is sweet, just like playing on a LAN. My only beef is that they overtweaked the HWGuy making him way too powerful. Well, that and all the new bugs. The bugs can be fixed, but will they tweak the HWGuy down a bit?