View Full Version : CM 97/98 in Win2K

12th June 2000, 03:14
I am struggling to get Championship Manager 97/98 working in Windows2000.

This is a DOS App and I have been fiddling with shortcuts to try to get it to work. The best I have managed is to get it running full screen but the mouse only moves within a small (about 20% of screen) section in the top left of the screen. As the software required the use of a mouse this is not much good.

Are there any Europeans out there (or from the rest of the world who have seen the light that is Football/soccer) who can point me in the right direction.

I know that CM99/00 works in Win2K and I have that but CM97/98 is a far superior game.

Thanks in advance

13th June 2000, 00:32
Want to simulate your own Euro 2000?