View Full Version : Marvel G200-TV Problems

18th October 1999, 08:28
Hi All:

I've had my G200-TV since last November. My computer has had many problems since then. The computer is not unusabe, but it randomly quits working. The main message I get is "This program has performed an Illegal Operation ....".

This seems to happen all the time. In fact, just yesterday, I did a complete reformat and reinstall of Windows 98, and no sooner did Windows 98 complete installation, that it gave me an error. I didn't even have the Matrox Drivers installed yet.

I can't be sure it is a marvel problem, but, once I pulled the card, and went back to my S3virge card, and the computer was much more stable. My interrupts are not conflicting, as far as I can tell.

By the way, when I edit in avid cinema, the computer is as stable as a rock, never crashes. When I am in Internet Explorer 5.0, it will crash as I am typing a new address to go to. If I use NETSCAPE, stable as a rock.

Any ideas where to begin? I am perfectly happy with the video out on the marvel, but if I can't fix this, I may need a new capture card.

19th October 1999, 13:13
Hi Cobalt,

What does it say when click the Details button on the "This program has performed an illegal operation" box? This information can help you track down the actual source of the problem.