View Full Version : PC-VCR, Line-in and sound. Why doesn't it unmute?

19th October 1999, 01:18

When I load PC-VCR it should unmute my line-in in Play Control so that I can hear the sound being passed through the RR-G into the line-in on my SB Live!. It used to work. Since I reformatted my machine it no longer unmutes the line-in. I have to do it manually. (The sound works fine if I do it manually.)

Anyone have any ideas? Is there a registry key somewhere in the Matrox PC-VCR software section that controls which audio source it unmutes when you load it?


...David <optic@iname.com>

jeff b
19th October 1999, 02:20
I've had this sort of thing happen many times with different setups on my RR-S, and with simple audio recording, too. All it takes is for one "mixer" utility to grab the line you're trying to work with. Check every program that uses audio, and sooner or later you'll find one of the "properties" or "mixers" is set to mute that line. Once you've unmuted that one, everything should work ok.

Brian Ellis
19th October 1999, 05:06
With SB Live! and the version 2 drivers (download them if you are still on v. 1.x), you can set up a profile that will do everything you want. Before recording, all you need to do is to click in that profile and everything will be set as you wish.

Brian (the terrible)