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burre burrito
26th May 2000, 12:35
I have a chance now to choose from 98 and 2k and im wondering what i should use! Are the Win2k drivers as good as the Win98 drivers? Please tell me anything to help me decide!!

EPoX mobo with VIA chipset
p3 600
g400 dh 32 (not max)
128 pc133 ram (1*128)

26th May 2000, 14:23
I have both on my system, and I rarely use Win2k for gaming, I really need that little % of speed increase in Win98, because most of my games run just fast enough on my G400 with a P3 450 w. Win98se

And for apps, well I think you need at least 128MB of ram to get average speeds in win2k, and 256 for enjoyable working.

I also think that my udma mode in win98se is much better then win2k, I'm sure it's enabled and still games stutter much harder when the HD is accessed in Win2k (mostly Q3a)

But when I finally upgrade to a P3 800 or faster and add 128MB of ram, I think I'll spend alot more time using win2k

well just my 2 cents


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26th May 2000, 15:42
The only thing I have to say is Both!

Personally, I use win2k for everything, including gaming, the only reason I use win98se is because Liveware3 isnt out for Windows2000 therefore I cannot watch dvd's in Dolby Digital under win2000.

Dual-booter all the way

G400 on a G400

27th May 2000, 05:41
Going back to Moleman's point about excessive HD access, I think it's possible for Win2000 to do a better job of pulling data from the hard drive without making a game too choppy, although you'd need to heavily tweak the OS for 'home' rather than 'business network' use.
For example, I tried Ultima IX on Win2000 (a game famous for it's constant HD access) and it ran quite impressively.

27th May 2000, 05:45
Personally I 'zapped' Win98se about a six weeks ago and haven't looked back.
I'm yet to play a game yet under Win2000 that hasn't either ran as fast and smooth or faster/smoother.
The fact that my PC can now stay switched on 24/7 without any crashes what so ever was worth the removal of Win98 by itself.
I do miss LiveWare 3, but I was never going to keep 98 on my PC just for that.

27th May 2000, 13:16
The only OS on my home computer is NT5. The only thing I'm disappointed with it is the slloooowww G400 performance which I amm going to rectify with a new Geforce 2.